A Business that Crosses the Line. . . Into Friendship

Have you ever walked into a party and found yourself ducking because you saw someone across the room you really didn’t want to run into? I’ve never taken for granted that I don’t have to duck and run when I bump into our clients in this small, quaint town. Rather, if you were observing a “run in”, you would most likely hear a loud and warm hello and watch a warm embrace. . . that’s how it is among family.

Taking a client for granted isn’t considered in the mind of the Structures Team. Rather each member brings the mindset that we want to built the CustomHome as if it was our own. We work incredibly hard to provide an enjoyable and organized building process and an impeccable end product – quite simply. . . we won’t stand for anything less. But that’s not it, once we turn over the keys, we don’t “disown” the new addition to our ever growing family, we remain a part of their lives.

Just last week, we were all really encouraged by the kind words we received in an email from Dave and Joan Brown of Daniel Island Park.

“I’m emailing my compliments on the manner in which your associates handled our one year punch list. All was handled in a timely and considerate manner. All subs performed their work in most competently. Particular kudos go to Marty for his day to day follow ups, advance notices and courtesies. And of course we have always appreciated the ongoing help and courtesies of both RP Newton and David Hargis throughout our entire relationship.

We are and continue to be your best walking advertisement.”