A Hero Named Knox

Running out to Isle of Palms to check on our ReStructure full house renovation, I pulled up and parked in my normal parking spot.  I was meeting up with the electricians to discuss a few final details when all of a sudden, Project Manager, Knox Beattie comes walking towards me “all chill” and says, “I think you’re getting a parking ticket.” I proceed to run out like a mad woman to plead with the officer for a warning instead of a ticket because it appears I can’t read the “No Parking” sign that’s right next to my front right tire. Funny thing is, I’ve park there every single time I’ve walked the Palm Boulevard home and have NEVER noticed the sign. Appears that our Structures sign draws my eye instead of the one police officers like to enforce. 🙂

Thank you Officer, I won’t do it again! And thank you Knox for saving me. Who knows how much I would have “donated” to the Isle of Palms for a careless parking ticket!

Not one of my brighter moments. . . 🙂