Everyone Smile in 1..2..3!

We recently ventured out of the office and off our project sites for a Structures family photo session at Mt. Pleasant’s Memorial Waterfront Park! We were able to get some great shots – we do, after all, live in the city that was ranked by Travel + Leisure Magazine as America’s 2nd Most Attractive City. I think you’ll agree that we were robbed of Travel + Leisure’s #1 spot as you enjoy some outtakes from our day :

Who knows what on earth everyone is doing in this picture! Steve and Amy are having a staring contest, Deb looks like she’s all in Dave’s face and Justin just looks totally bored and decided to text someone while waiting for every one to get ready to say “cheese”!
Marty needs reindeer antlers on to complete the pose!
Striking a pose.
No words can capture the emotion here. . . 🙂

And finally…I think we have a keeper!

L-R – Jennifer, Deb, Roger, Dave, Marty, Steve, R.P., Amy, Knox, Kathryn, Justin and Cara