Fine Homebuilding Magazine Article

From Fine Homebuilding211, pp. 16-22
April 29, 2010

“Remodeling and construction are service businesses, not commodity businesses. In a slow economy especially, homeowners and architects are well advised to remember this fact when selecting contractors. Although bidding can provide a homeowner with a low initial price to do a project, it is likely not a good way to select a contractor to get high construction quality. To do this, it is best to choose the most desirable contractor based on a perception of his competence and fairness; his track record of building well-designed projects; and insightful comments received both from customers and architects with whom he has worked. After a contractor has been selected and has carefully reviewed and commented on the information in the drawings and specifications, then it’s time for him and the homeowner to negotiate a detailed price for the work. ” for the entire article http://t.co/BIb8OlP

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