Getting the Most Square Footage for Your Money?

When considering building a custom home, it is common for clients to ask the question, “How much is it a square foot?” Seems like a great question to ask, but if they stop with just hearing that number, it also leaves the client lacking important information to help understand how great or poor of an investment they are considering. What if we purchased a car based off that question? You might just end up purchasing…

instead of. . .

You’d have room galore, but could be very unhappy with the end result. A few things that square footage doesn’t measure.

  1. Durability – What building methods, seen and unseen, will be used to build your home? How do the they protect your investment? Do they prevent moisture problems behind the walls? Often, client’s focus on the interior trim, cabinetry and cabinets, all of which are important, but can mask issues elsewhere.
  2. Electric and Water Bills – What will the average monthly utility bills be after you move in? Clients are often shocked to learn that proper building methods can reduce utility bills by more than $100 each month!
  3. Fine Craftsmanship – Does the home reflect the design quality and timeless details that our designers can help you craft? Will you be proud to show off your new home to your friends and family?
  4. Indoor Air Quality – What methods are used to improve the quality of the air you and your family breath?
  5. Customer Service – When building/buying a home, you are buying a product, process and a promise. Make sure there’s a great connection and chemistry with the company you choose to help you select your “haven”. Also make sure their reputation reveals that their investment in their clients extends past closing.