Habitat Blitz Week

Habitat Day 1

7:30am arrival to a site with only the foundation and bandboard. Alex and Jose’ Mejia and their crew agreed to take on the task of constructing a house in one day. Even though every time Dave Hargis, Structures Building Company Project Manager would ask if they were going to finish, they wouldn’t commit. A crew of 12 started off and as some had to leave, others received a call and gave up their Saturday to come out and lend a hand for the great cause! All in all, it took them a little over 12 hours to frame up Latoya and Dekaliah’s house!
Things that stick in our mind from Day One.

Dave telling Steve to pick up hot chocolate from Lowes for Alex, when Alex was actually asking for chalk for his chalk line. (It’s a wonder the house got built with Dave interpreting!)

Seeing the determination of Alex and Jose’s crew as we tossed pizza boxes on the roof since they wouldn’t climb down for a dinner break.

The guys finishing up by the head lights of R.P.’s truck.