If Walls Could Talk

We believe that each day is full of opportunities for us to leave our signature on all of our work. As individuals and a team, we keep ourselves accountable to each other but really value the feedback of each of our clients. For many years we’ve hired GuildQuality, a third party company to survey each of our customers. Each client is asked a series of questions ranging from very specific aspects to their overall experience with us during the building process.

Steve put it best when he said, “GuildQuality has served as a critical feedback loop for our company- feedback that frankly I don’t know how we lived without. We are so impressed with the simplicity, professionalism and follow-up of their surveying process, reflected in our 100% response rate. Our staff anxiously awaits each survey, taking the results to heart and helping to drive our customer service culture. GuildQuality has helped to make us a better company.”

A recent quote we received on a GuildQuality survey from an out-of-town client,

“They were the greatest team I’ve ever worked with! They are a bunch of unbelievably professional and excellent group of people who care. We have done a lot of construction, and it is hard to find a company that cares the way that they do. They have done an incredible job!”

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