Is the Honeymoon Over?

Anniversaries can often come and go in life with little remembrance.  Life gets busy.  Life just gets tough.  Or sometimes a little (or a lot) of both.  Maybe I’m super sentimental or maybe I’m just learning to recall and take time to celebrate the really sweet moments and people in life. They truly are a great gift… As I woke up this morning, I stopped to enjoy my 8th anniversary at a place with people I love.

Trivial as it might seem to some, work is work… right?  Nope.  Not to me.  Work is more than the 8 hour plus day – it’s a blending and rubbing of shoulders with people – day in and day out. I don’t want to just clock into “work”, even when it can be a tough season or just a challenging time.  I personally have to fight to have something bigger come out of it…

Today I celebrate the privilege of being blessed to work in a great place, but more than that, I also celebrate countless people!  Life at Structures is anything but the “norm”, and that’s one thing I absolutely love!  This “company” is much more than a business… bear with me as I dare to say, it is a family and a culture.  And a really great one if I do say so myself! 🙂

The first time I saw the Structures website and read the in’s and outs of the company values, services, team member bios and their vision, I wondered if it was all true.  If it was, I wanted a chance to be a part of this company.  They seemed to line up in so many ways with the things that were so important to me.  I’m really thankful that Steve gave me an opportunity to interview with him and invited me to be a part of his company.  Eight years later I can say, what I read on paper (or on his website) was true.  I love seeing it lived out in the day to day life at Structures. 

As a team, we seek to build incredible houses with impeccable quality – but we believe you can have fun doing it.  We cater to the needs of individual clients who are all so different, but we really love building friendships with them in the process.  We strive to build a strong team of coworkers, trades and suppliers who bring their expertise and gifts to the table, not only for our clients, but others in need who live right here in the community in which we work.  We all bring our hearts to the table too…

I can honestly say that I don’t feel like the honeymoon is over for me… the commitment and dedication brought to each client and to each other is stronger than ever before.  I’ve loved the journey of celebrating exciting victories and encouraging one another when the climb is hard.  I can’t imagine these past eight years with a better group of people… here’s to many more!!!

I gathered a few photos that made me smile as I recalled some really great memories… Thanks Steve and crew for an incredible experience!  I’m truly grateful to God for the incredible blessing… I feel extremely privileged to work alongside each of you! 

Deb (aka Skippy, Holly, and Blue)

 The Original Crew when I started back in 2006
(we all look the same don’t we?)
 The privilege of celebrating hard earned awards
 Time for a little bit of fun. Chili cook off… and we won 
that award too!
Habitat Builders Blitz – one of my favorite s!
We always love an excuse to eat! Especially when it comes from Cupcake!
 Operation Christmas Child tradition with the Kendrick kids – 2010
Time off work to serve in India – 2012
Our awesome crew – 2014