Reason To Celebrate!

L-R – CTHBA Board Member – Anne Svetlik, SBC Owner – Steve Kendrick,
SBC Designer – Deborah Way & CTHBA Treasurer, Andy Barber

We are excited to announce that our team just received two Pinnacle awards at the Home Builders Association of SC’s annual convention! Both awards were given to us for the Coastal Living Idea Cottage. This was the first year we submitted any of our homes on a state level, so you can imagine how awesome it was to hear “Structures Building Company” announced twice during the evening of the Celebration of Excellence!

We received our first award for Green Building – Best Overall and the second award was Green Building – Most Energy Efficient. While we would say we’re a “green” builder, our definition of what it means to be green is often very different than what most envision. Green building to us doesn’t necessarily mean bamboo floors and dual flush toilets as the buzz word suggests, though we can install those if you’d like. Rather green building to us is actually a healthier, more sustainable and durable way to build a quality home that will withstand Charleston’s hot and humid environment. Most of the things that make our homes “green” aren’t visible to the eye once the sheetrock goes up, instead they’re actually incorporated in design and construction methods. We love taking the time to educate our clients on the different techniques. That way they are able to understand firsthand the science behind it and then choose different construction methods that we have adopted as our standard way of truly protecting the sustainability of their high performance home.

Over six years ago, Steve actually “stumbled” into green building. His vision since 1999 has always been and will continue to be the pursuit of building each home to the highest standard of excellence. According to Webster’s dictionary the definition of pinnacle is the “highest point of development and achievement possible”. I think it would be a fair and true statement to say that each home we are privileged to build, we build to the highest point of development and achievement possible!

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