Renewed Resolutions

It’s that time again and yes, I made my list of resolutions and goals that I’m hoping to keep over 2009. One of my goals was to continue my daily early morning workouts. I have to say this morning I didn’t feel like going, but sometimes picking myself up by the nape of the neck helps me get it out of the way. As I arrived at the gym, it was funny seeing the influx of new people who evidently made exercise one of their resolutions. For all the “regulars”, I hope they allowed themselves a moment to experience the feeling of a little victory, it was encouraging to see the habit that so many of us have worked hard to form has stuck, we didn’t need to add it, just continue it.

During my workout, my thoughts jumped to Structures and some of the new resolutions we should add to our list for this brand new year. As my mind started that list, I also reflected on the fact that we’re a company that’s not ok with the status quo, standing still or just settling. I had the same encouraging feeling that we’re working hard with integrity, passion and a commitment to each client, to autograph our work with excellence. It was a great feeling knowing that we’re not in need of drastically changing “unhealthy business habits or practices”, but rather “renewing our resolution” and continuing to look for new ways to build upon a great foundation that began 10 years ago this year!