Snapshots of the Season

Our company Grill Masters, R.P. Newton and Steve Kendrick getting the main course ready for us to devour!

Anne Kendrick and Miles posing for a shot in front of the tree before dinner.

Marty Kersey, Dave and Tori Hargis, R.P. Newton and Anne Marie Cale scarfing down the homemade fruit salsa and cinnamon sugar chips Dave made for our incredible appetizer!

Deborah Way, Anne, Dave and Tori enjoying pre-dinner conversation.

Steve and Will

Anne Marie, Marty and R.P. contemplating the right answer to their Cranium question. They successfully won the game, I might add!

Sugar Bake Shop located on Cannon Street did an amazing job baking tasty cookies for us to give out this holiday! I think we all gained about 5 extra pounds after all the sampling we did, we just couldn’t help ourselves!

Co-owner Bill with Anne Marie and all our boxes of cookies!

One of my favorite things we did this holiday was to buy Christmas clothing and toys for children who have a mother or father in prison. Each gift was purchased on behalf of the parent who is unable to spend Christmas with their child.

Sophie, Will and Miles were perfect for the job! They had great ideas as to what we should by our Angel Tree children so they would have fun gifts sitting under their Christmas tree!

James Island County Park Festival of Lights displaying the old and new Cooper River Bridge through lights!

We hope you and your family are surrounded by the hope, peace, joy and gift of this holiday season! From all of us at Structures!