Daniel Peek

As a kid, I was always tinkering around with anything I could get my hands on, trying to figure out how things worked.  My parents would often find me in the basement taking things apart and putting them back together.  For a few summers as a teenager, I got to spend some time with a close family friend who was a master craftsman.  I was able to assist him on a handful of projects while he was building a house.  I was always amazed by his ability to build anything from scratch, even without instructions or plans.  After college I had a few jobs that I liked, but it wasn’t until a local contractor asked if I had ever thought about building houses that I figured out what I really wanted to do with my life.  I love building homes because it provides challenges and excitement every day.  I enjoy building relationships with my clients while collaborating with architects, designers, and trades to deliver beautiful, efficient, comfortable homes.  When the opportunity to work for Structures came around, I jumped at the chance.  It is a joy to work with the incredible team they have assembled.

Outside of work, you can usually find me with my wife, Ellen, and our son.  We love spending time outdoors and on the water, exploring this beautiful place we get to call home.