Steve Kendrick

As a kid I loved construction. Not so much the dump trucks and bulldozers, but building things—like tree forts and Lego houses. In college I developed an entrepreneurial spirit, but struggled to figure out what kind of business I wanted to be in. I still remember where I was when the light bulb went off: It was 1988, I was driving down the Massachusetts Turnpike delivering a car full of computers to a client in my beat-up Volkswagen Jetta when it just hit me that I wanted to build houses. From there, it all clicked. After graduating from Babson College, a business school near Boston, I moved to Washington, D.C., to work under a great craftsman and relative, Dave Swanson. Dave taught me a lot about all of the trades, enough to be dangerous. I went back to school and took classes in architecture and urban planning. A fortunate twist of events led me to Charleston, where I eventually saved and borrowed enough money to start Structures in 1999.

My wife and I feel fortunate to have raised our three children in Mount Pleasant, and we love taking advantage of all the Lowcountry has to offer. Aside from work and family, another great passion of mine is East Cooper Habitat for Humanity. I’ve been a board member for close to ten years, and built three Habitat houses in the East Cooper community.  I love what I do. It combines my passion for great architecture, quality construction and managing a professional business. I’ve surrounded myself with great people who share my commitment to providing outstanding service and quality to every single client who chooses to build their home with Structures | Alair.