The Company You Keep

Our NAHB Builder 20 club recently held it’s bi-annual meeting at Payne & Payne Builders in Cleveland, OH. Builder 20 is a group of approximately 20 professional custom home builders from non-competing markets. We meet twice a year in one of our member’s cities, to share ideas and improve our businesses. We discuss business operations in depth, share financial information, systems and construction methods.

I’m fortunate to have been accepted into this group, which is one of the founding Builder 20 groups started in 1995. Today there approximately 50 such groups around the country. Without hesitation, I can say our group is comprised of the best builders in the country, personally and professionally. Many have been named Builder of the Year in their territory, and a handful in the country. Joining this network is the single best decision I have made for our company.

We were all equally impressed with the operation of Payne & Payne, a family owned building business started by the father, Mike Payne Sr. and taken over by his three sons, Mike Jr., Dave and Eric. It was nice to see this dynamic at play, and I have to admit I couldn’t help but think of positioning my company to be taken over by my children. They may have something different to say about that!

Many thanks to the Builder 20 fraternity and especially the Paynes for being such gracious hosts this fall. We look forward to hosting you all in Charleston this spring!