The Greater Prize, Still Being Present. . .

Receiving the award for Best Custom Product for 2-3 million

Since our founding 10 years ago, Structures has entered Charleston’s annual Prism Awards, a ceremony that celebrates the best designs, craftsmanship, customer service and sales in the local building industry. Fortunately, we have walked out of the event with at least one award every year. Some years, frankly, I took it for granted that we should win an award, except for this year. This year was special.

The awards ceremony was held on a shoestring budget, no MC, there was a cash bar, and the feature speaker was our Charleston Trident Home Builders Association’s wonderful president, Tori Martindale of Atlantic Remodeling. Tori spoke about a year that was eerily similar to ours; one that included layoffs, paycuts, benefit cuts and a reduction in overhead that involved consolidating into a home office. The room was quiet and a few tears were shed, as she spoke about the challenges we’ve all faced this year. I also couldn’t help but notice how empty the room was. There were some new faces, but the faces of builder friends were few and far between. Many have lost their businesses or are starting over. Some likely didn’t have much to celebrate this year, it was humbling.

As I sat through the program and awards, I was again humbled as Structures did really well at this year’s event. We were recognized in a diverse group of categories;

1. The award for Affordable Housing for Latoya Palmer’s Habitat Home
2. Charleston’s Green Builder of the Year Award
3. The award for the Best Luxury Built Home for the Behren’s Residence
4. Custom Builder Customer Service Award from GuildQuality

Deborah Way receiving the award for Green Building Company

In receiving these awards, I’m humbled by the tireless determination and standard that comprises those within the Structures family and our amazing team of trades. We all share the same commitment for building “green” custom homes, regardless of size or budget. . . our high standard remains the same.

The awards mean more this year, because honestly, we’re humbled and thankful to have made it through another year – a year that’s strengthened each of us to the core. . .