Building Up the Community

The Structures team partnered with Daniel Island Real Estate and Operation Home last Friday to help the Fishburne family by building a ramp and executing kitchen renovations. The family’s kitchen was in need of significant repairs including holes in the floor and cabinet reconstruction.

Special thanks to Carpet Baggers for new kitchen flooring, Sullivan Custom Cabinets for new cabinets that matched the previous ones perfectly, Ferguson Enterprises for plumbing fixtures, East Cooper Plumbing and Gas for plumbing hookups, Buck Lumber for the necessary building materials for the ramp, Marty Kersey from the Structures team for organizing and implementing the project, Randy Wilke who spent many hours collaborating with Marty, Hawk McElveen for assisting Randy with the trim, and NYPD Pizza for generously discounted pizza that fed the whole crew and family. This project served as an exceptional way to further build relationships by giving back to the community.

The Structures Team

Deborah Way, RP Newton, Steve Kendrick, Marty Kersey, Dave Hargis