Let’s Take it from the Top

Whenever I pick up the Charleston Regional Business Journal, I skim the highlights and look for the few articles I like to read in full. Today I read the column written by Career Coach, Barbara Poole, Manage your castle with love, service and authenticity. In a nutshell, she made the point that great management follows a model called the “CASTLE” principle. She mentions the six different qualities this principle embodies and the way it can be seen in management.

1) Courage – “takes us out of our comfort zone but also holds the promise of possibility for both personal and professional breakthroughs.”
2) Authenticity – “removing the mask and showing up to work as they really are.”
3) Service – “realizing the best way to maximize productivity is to inspire and serve the people on their team.”
4) Truthfulness – “Being honest is easy when times are good, but the real test of integrity is how the truth gets told when business is more challenging.”
5) Love – “Love is another word for “care,” and our ability to care about and for the people with whom we work speaks volumes about the kind of leaders we are.”
6) Effectiveness – “Not just being a good guy. . . but having the high levels of performance which are essential to survival.”

Not many employees of other custom home builders have the privilege of reading the article and saying, “Yep, that describes my boss.” Truth be told, Kristy, RP, Amy, Dave, Aaron and I would say, “Hands down, Steve understands and lives out the CASTLE principle and honestly, a lot more. . . And yet even more companies would never consider having any kind of contact outside of work with co-workers, the fact that we actually like one another is also a rarity. Steve has handpicked his team and we couldn’t be happier as a Structures Family. We think he feels the same, at least most of the time. 🙂

We can’t help but aspire to live them out too, as we see these qualities lived out from the Top. It starts within the walls of our office, and permeates our interactions with the “extended family”, made up of clients, trade contractors, vendors, and the community around us.

Thanks Steve!

Your Structures Family