When Words Just Aren’t Enough

Throughout construction, one of our goals as a custom home builder is to help our clients’ desires become a reality for a place they will call “home”. By simplifying the systems and processes that are often very stressful, we are able to create an enjoyable experience. Just last week, Design Manager, Kristy Gorsuch, was helping I’On clients, Steve and Carol, select light fixtures at a local showroom, when a question came up for a particular placement of one fixture. Stumped for a moment, they tried to visualize how a certain fixture would look in this one location. Our client, Carol, recalled that Sales and Marketing Coordinator, Deborah Way, had just captured the exact place in a weekly photo update that was located in their web-based, Interactive Home Builder account. Logging into their on-line account, they were able to pull up the photo to clearly see the exact location and what should be selected in order to compliment the design of the room. Who would have guessed that a “perk” we’ve created to keep our out of town clients aware of the intricate details of their ever changing home, would double as an actual resource to selecting their light fixture. In this case, seeing was believing.

In photo above: Todd, Kristy and Cole Gorsuch seen with Deborah Way, at a Structures Family Picnic