Renovation in The Crescent

A ReStructures renovation, designed by Architrave, is underway in The Crescent neighborhood in West Ashley. With changes to be seen around every corner and additions to the lower and upper levels, this project will update the space and charm of this greatly loved, existing home. It was fun to look up the carpeted stairwell and see the blue sky!

Too bad you can’t see all the work that’s taking place on the left side of the house where the master suite/additional upstairs bedrooms are being created behind all the towering trees. Once they are pruned, it will reveal a completely new expanded section! Our favorite part of the renovation process is ensuring that our clients’ dreams are realized and accomplished without giving up the location or memories they have already made in their home over the years. The family is so excited to know their life will simply pick back up and continue to take place in the “same” but greatly improved home!