R.P. Newton

I have been around construction sites my entire life. My earliest memories are of being toted around on weekend jobs with my father and uncle. I spent my high school summers doing demolition for large renovation projects and my college summers painting commercial and industrial projects. Despite all of my exposure to the construction industry, however, I never considered it to be my chosen profession. I went on to earn a degree in Economics and dabbled in other lines of work until 1998, when an opportunity to move to Charleston led me back to the construction field. I have never looked back since.  For over 13 years, each new house has brought new challenges and hurdles that keep things new and exciting. I view each house as a puzzle. As an estimator, I get to be involved at an early stage, learn the architect’s intended design and client’s vision, and to make sure pieces will fit together before they are assembled. The motivation behind this tedium is the satisfaction that we met the customer’s expectations.

When I am not working, I enjoy, reading, tinkering in the yard, cooking and spending time with my wife, Mandy and son Zach.  During the Fall, you can always find me in the stands cheering for my son who loves playing football.